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Just Another Eco Freak

A Jak of all trades

Room 8377, Deck 5
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Name: Jak (Mar)
Age: 19
Sex: Male
Species: Elf (Havenite / Spargan)
Language: Precurian (English with different written alphabet)
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 185lb
Hair: Green at the roots fading to blond at the ends
Eyes: Blue
Location: Room 8377, Deck 5
Canon: post Jak 3, pre Jak X
Birthplace: Spargus
Relations: King Damas (father; deceased)
Occupation: Haven City Resistance (Freedom League) operative

Biography: [Warning: contains spoilers for Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy, Jak IIand Jak 3. It's a bit TL;DR, but Jak doesn't give much away and isn't inclined to spill his guts, so this was easier for people than having them ask the same questions over and over again in chat.]

Jak was a quiet, happy boy who grew up in a small fishing village after being adopted by a Green Eco sage. He rarely spoke, usually leading his best friend Daxter (does_everything) around and getting into trouble. He had a talent for channeling eco, and for using Precursor artifacts. After uncovering a warp gate, he was thrown into the future and arrested by Erol (psychoticracer) and tortured for two years with Dark Eco in a Krimzon Guard prison.

Rescued by Daxter, Jak's personality had changed immensely due to the Dark Eco exposure; he was angry, violent, self-driven and spoke aloud more often. He could also transform into a Dark Eco creature that was immensely powerful, but that he had little control over; eventually the Dark Eco would drive him insane if he didn't find a way to rid himself of it.

Teaming up with the Haven City Underground movement to overthrow the KG and fight their mutual enemy, he eventually succeeded and discovered that a young boy harbored by the Underground was actually him as a child, and he needed to send him back in time to his village to keep him safe.

While rebuilding the wartorn city, Haven officials decided Jak and his Dark Eco couldn't be trusted and banished him to the Wastelands desert to die. Rescued by a group of Wastelanders and taken to the desert city Spargus, Jak carried out missions to prove himself to the desert king and eventually made his way back into Haven to exact revenge. The war had gotten worse, and he rejoined the Underground to help defeat the Dark Makers and Erol.

Granted blessings by a Precursor oracle statue deep inside a temple, Jak gained control over the Dark Eco and its transformation, and gained Light Eco powers at the same time. His anger calmed and he became less hateful and more like his old self.

Mortally wounded in battle, King Damas praised Jak and pleaded with him to search for his lost son in Haven City. A boy named Mar, wearing an amulet identical to Jak's. He discovered that he had been taken from Damas as a child so that his eco powers could be used in experiments, but the Resistance had saved him. Not only that, but he wasn't just an ancestor of Mar, Haven City's founder and legendary hero, but he was the Mar.

Killing Erol and ending the current wave of Dark Maker sieges, Jak finally had a chance to stop for a while and find out more about himself. Until he got brought to the failboat, that is.
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