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A Jak of all trades
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31st-Dec-2030 12:59 am - OOC: Critique welcomed
ooc ohmarsosexy
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Thanks! ♥
2nd-Oct-2010 09:03 pm - 103rd Mission [Open Commentlog]
[Today, Jak's feeling grumpy.

Maybe it's the realization that two years had already passed since he had been snatched from his life and pulled onto this stupid boat.

Maybe it's the memories and sadness dredged up from the remembrance ceremony for his deceased mother a few days ago.

Maybe it's the return of Torn and Ashelin and the knowledge that they're back at square one, as far as friendship goes.

Maybe it's Maia's manipulation and attempts to use him.

More than likely it's a combination of all of the above.

So he's wandering.  He spends some time working on his zoomer on deck twenty, then heads to the buffet for refreshments.  Some training in the forest, and then finally he heads to Sergei's for drinks.

Surely he'll be wonderful company for anyone who runs in to him~
11th-Sep-2010 09:25 pm - 102nd Mission [Video]
[Jak has found a copy of The Lost Frontier and is playing it on Deck 12.]

I don't look like this, right?  What's wrong with my hair?

And why do I sound ...


That's not how Eco works!

[Jak watches as his in-game counterpart mispronounces the word "gun" for the second time, then throws the controller against the wall in frustration.]
4th-Sep-2010 06:05 pm - 100th Mission [Open Commentlog]
ooc youngjak
[There's a skinny, tanned, fourteen year old Jak standing in the hallway of deck four looking very, very lost.

This is Jak several months before Daxter got changed into an ottsel, over a year before he was captured by Erol, and more than four years before being exiled into the Wasteland. This is Jak when he was still a bratty, cute teenager that flirted with anyone and ignored the rules in favor of having fun.

And he has no idea where he is or how he got here.
oww facepalm.jpg
[Letting out a deep breath, Jak frowns slightly, then blinks open his eyes.  It takes a few moments for him to recognize where he is.

In his room, in bed.  Well this is unusual.  Closing his eyes again, he licks his lips.  His mouth feels like it's full of cotton, and he hurts all over.  There isn't a single part of his body that isn't trying to get his attention, and he makes a small sound of pain in the back of his throat.

Try as he might, he just can't remember what happened, and he just lies there for a while longer.  A few more minutes and he'll try getting up.
oww haetdarkeco inpain
[The comm flicks on and the video shakes violently for several seconds, the sounds of screeching metal and shattering glass almost covering the loud grunts of pain.  Flashes of spinning scenery and bright yellow-green hair blur here and there, and there's far, far too much red.

Then, everything stops.  The video rocks slightly, then goes still, focused on what looks like a gear stick.  Glass crunches, and there's the quiet purr of an engine.

Far off someone yells something muffled, and then the video cuts out.

(( OOC: Jak has crashed on the racing deck, and as such won't be answering any comments. ♥ ))
yeahwhateva disgusted haetu
[There's a link in text at the beginning of Jak's post, before it cuts into audio. Jak sounds as if he's barely holding his anger in check.]

So which one of you was it?
disgusted haetu whateva
[Damn it Jinx.  Damn it.

Jak never really
liked the munitions expert, but he never thought he'd stoop as low as raping someone.  People did a lot of illegal things to survive in Haven; stealing, smuggling, even murder if it meant the chance of a step towards freedom.

But rape?  That's different.  That's really different.

And it hits very close to home.  Jak breathes hard through his nose and snarls, kicking at the dresser, then grabbing the lamp and hurling it across the room before slamming his fist against the wall.  He feels the skin on his knuckles tear, but he doesn't care.  It's better to hurt on the outside, than in.
oww haetdarkeco inpain
[Jak wakes groggily, still sprawled on his back with his legs hanging over the edge of the bed.  His arm's numb from being draped over his face all night and his stomach's doing cartwheels, not to mention the fact that the room is still spinning and there's a hellcat backfiring in his head.

He squints as he assesses. More hungover than drunk. That's something at least.

Sitting up slowly, he puts his head in his hand, shaking out his other arm to get some feeling into it. Now to remember what the hell actually happened. Drinking was one thing, getting so blind drunk he doesn't remember what happened the night before is something else entirely and not really something that happens too often.

He must have had a terrible and irresponsible good reason for it.

(( OOC: backdated to the morning after this log ))
[Long, awkward silence.]

I'm ... missing some things.

[Locked to Bass // 45% unhackable]

This isn't over.

(( OOC: Jak is missing his goggles, boots, tunic, pants, scarf, leather harness, arm wraps and waist wrap; silly boy wasn't wearing his armor. Strikethroughs have already been claimed everything's gone! :3 ))
17th-Jun-2010 02:32 am - Ninety-third Mission [Audio]
srs concentrating grrr
Deck sixteen's different.  There's something wrong with the rooms.

It wasn't like this before Jennifer.
24th-May-2010 11:39 pm - Ninety-Second Mission [Audio]
thinking hmm isee
So that's it.  Everything goes back to normal, and we don't get any answers?

Who the hell was Jennifer?  And why did it come down to us to take care of her?  I thought the captain was some "great man".

[There's a long pause.

Jak's tone is flat when he finally speaks again.  He might as well be remarking on the weather.

Keira's gone.

So's Torn.
[Though he'd never say it out loud, being back on the ship was incredibly depressing for Jak.  He grew up on a beach with the sun, sand and surf, and being back out there made him miss home.  His childhood home, not the dull, grey, war torn city of Haven.

Keeping one eye on the comms in case he was needed, he meanwhile preoccupied himself by doing quiet reconnaissance missions and bringing food and supplies to those who asked.

So, he nudges Zelda's door with his foot in an approximation of a knock, a box of sushi balanced on one hand, a bag of other foodstuffs from the sushi bears in the other.

Zelda, it's me.
24th-Apr-2010 10:13 pm - Ninetieth Mission [Audio]
srsfaec grr pissedoff
I'm going out for supplies.  If you're trapped and need something, now's the time to ask.
8th-Apr-2010 04:27 am - Eighty-Ninth Mission [Audio]
angry grrr saywhatbitch
The crying's coming from inside the Spectacular Spectacular theater.  Don't ...

Don't go in there.  It's the same as before, like the theater is alive.

Torn and Ironhide didn't make it out.  There's no need for more casualties.
31st-Mar-2010 04:08 pm - Eighty-Eighth Mission [Audio]
disgusted haetu whateva
Enough is enough.

I want to know who Santa Claus is.  Now.

Either he comes to me, or I'll hunt him down myself.

(( ooc: Short explanation: Bass' actions in this Carnival log led to Damas' death.  Bass gave his name as Santa Claus.  Jak is now out to kill Santa.  ~*~toot toot~*~ ))
9th-Mar-2010 10:27 pm - Eighty-Sixth Mission [Audio]
tired weary emo
[Jak sounds tired and not quite himself.]

Damas.  We ... should talk.

[He hesitates a moment longer, then clicks the communicator off.]
8th-Mar-2010 12:10 am - Eighty-Fifth Mission [Audio]
ooc baby mar w-what
[The communicator clicks on just to hear the "oof" of a small child hitting the floor.  He pulls himself up again, then his pattering footsteps and breathing can be heard, though he doesn't make a sound.

Mar is lost and he can't find his Daddy.  He needs an adult!
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